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Free crochet pattern heart ♥

Mijn excuses voor degenen die geen Engels kunnen lezen, deze post gaat over de Engelse vertaling van het hartje van Karin aan de haak.

As promissed here is the post of the English translation of the little heart, designed by: Karin aan de haak.

Free crochet Pattern HEART

en rosa: Espanõl
Mi disculpa, yo hablar no Espanõl. Yo esperanza usted lata seguir por diagrama.
En 18 enero 2013 yo encontrado:

26-01-2013: en Francais (avec un grande MERCI à Renée Azéma)

Materials needed:
  • 100% mercerized cotton, suited for hook 3-4 mm
  • a crochet hook (crochet gancho) at least one size smaller than advised on the label of your skein (I used a 2mm hook)
  • tapestry needle
  • stuffing
  • accessories to decorate like: keyring, ribbon, buttons, beads, bells, felt etc.

ch  - chain                             cadena                  
SS – slip stitch                       cadena                   
SC – single crochet               punta bajo              
HDC – half double crochet    media vareta            
DC – double crochet             punto vareta            
TC – treble crochet               punto vareta triple
CH     ml (maille en l’air)

SC     ms (maille serrée)

HDC  dmb (demi-bride)

DC     br (bride)

TC     db (double bride)

(chart: with thanks to Teresa Richardson)

Note: I like to crochet quite tight for this project. You don't want gaps or the stuffing to show on the outside.

Start with chain 8.

Monter 8 ml (mailles en l’air)

Turn, and SC in second chain from hook and in the next 6 chains.
Tourner, et travailler le rang en ms (mailles serrées).

* Chain 1, turn, 1 SC in each sc * ;  repeat between * …... * 5 more times.
(You have now a total of 7 rows of 7 SC and completed a small square)
Note: In the original pattern of Karin, it  says to do 8 rows of 7 SC.
Faire 7 ms (mailles serrées) et une ml (maille en l’air) pour tourner.

Crocheter ainsi 7 rangs.

On obtient un petit carré.

Turn, crochet 7 TC in the center (4th stitch) along the side. SS in the opposite corner. You've made the first arch.
Tourner son travail. Faire une maille en l’air, sept doubles brides en piquant le crochet au milieu du côté du carré, 

Tilt your work and crochet another 7 TC in the center along the next side.
SS in the chain 1 (8th chain) of the starting chain. You've made the second arch.

Une maille serrée et sept doubles brides sur l’autre côté du carré.

Chain 3 (this will count as your first DC), work 6 DC evenly along the side.
On obtient une forme de cœur.

Faire ensuite le tour :

Crocheter trois mailles en l’air, six brides,

In the corner (where your tail is): do 1 DC – 1 TC – 1 DC.
pour la pointe : une bride, une double bride, une bride

Tilt your work again and make 7 DC evenly along the side.
 Continuer avec 7 brides.

Work 2 DC in each of the next 6 TC. In the 7th you do 1 HDC and 1 SC.
2 brides au 6 double brides précédent, dans le septième: 1 DemiB + 1 MS 

In the first TC of the next of 7-TC-set you do 1 SC and 1 HDC.
Work 2 DC in each of the next 6 TC.
Continuer avec: 1 MS + 1 DemiB au premier point. Dans les suivant 6 points: 2 brides

Cut the yarn, leaving an approx. 3 inch tail and pull the yarn through.

Terminer le cœur commes les photo's au dessous.

Put your crochethook in the first DC made in this last round (passed the chain3), grab the tail from the back and pull it through to the front.

Put your hook upwards in the front loop of the last DC made, grab the tail and pull it through downwards.

Put your hook from the backside to the front of the same last DC. Grab the tail and pull it through to the back of your work.

You sew the tail in along the back of the last DC's made. 

Don't do this too tight. You've just created a sort of mock-stitch that you will need when you crochet the 2 parts together. It replaces the top of the chain 3.

You can notice that this way it's hardly visible where your work ended. 

Crochet another heart.

Knock yourself out decorating the both parts.

Now you've come to the point were you can crochet the both parts together.
Put the wrong sides together and start at the bottom point.

Attach the yarn and do a chain 1. Work a SC in the same bottom stitch.
Work 1 SC in every next stitch.

When you've crocheted the last sc on the right arch, you could do a chain 30 and continue to crochet sc's in the left arch. This way you have made your own loop on which you can attach the keyring.

When you have approx. 6-7 stitches left, you can stuff your heart, but don't put too much in it.

Do the remaining SC's and work 2 SC in the same stitch were you've started.

Note: I use the tails to attach a bead or bell before sewing in. 

Attach a ribbon and keyring (or crochet your own ribbon).

Have fun crocheting your own heart ! 

You're welcome to email me if you feel something isn't clear to you yet.

I'll keep you in the loop ;)


update jan 2013:
feel free to email me a picture of your heart (with your name and country you live), to post it here.

September 2014,
Aren't these hearts lovely in soft tones ?!
Made by Lis who lives in Perth, Australia. Thank you Lis ♥

June 2014,
These adorable hearts are made by Nancy ♥ who lives in Dallas, Texas USA 

Jan. 12 2013: these gorgeous hearts are made by Gayle Simson, Scotland UK

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    1. So nice you are making them too :D
      You just slip-stitch with your crochet-hook through the stitches of the heart. You could do it with a needle too.
      The border I improvised with very thin white yarn and made picots around the edge.
      I do hope that explaines it enough for you to go on.

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    1. Hello :)
      Thank you for your kind response. The pattern is not mine, as I wrote in my post. It is originally made by Karin aan de haak.
      It is really not meant to be translated in all kinds of languages, including Danish. I'm sorry.
      My pictures show quite clear how it is made. That is a kind of international language.

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