Saturday, May 16, 2015

Update shawls & poncho's

De Giro d'Italia is op tv, en het is vandaag miezerig en fris. Dus eindelijk weer eens wat foto's van omslagdoeken en een paar poncho's posten, die ik de afgelopen periode heb gemaakt.
Wat heeft die Giro ermee te maken zul je denken. Ik heb niks met sport op tv, maar mijn lief wel, dus dan is de pc de hele middag van mij. 
Fijn weekend :D

It's chilly and slightly raining ànd the Giro d'Italia is on tv. So I can finally post some pictures of the shawls and a few poncho's I've made the past few months.
What's got the Giro to do with my crochet work ? ... Well nothing at all. I don't like sports on tv. But my hubby does, so the pc is all mine in the afternoon. 
Have a great weekend :D

This poncho is based on the Elise Shawl chart. However, you can follow the chart for the South Bay Poncho. It only differs in the amount of DC's in the fan's. The Elise shawl/poncho has 5, and the SouthBay has 7 DC's. The chart below is the SouthBay.


  1. Hello My name is Martha and I love the green poncho, the long one with neck (photo 11)
    It could be possible to get the graphic? I will pay for the tutorial if it's ok for you.
    I know that summer is comming but in the north of france still a bit chilly =)
    Thank you very much and have a nice day!

  2. Your work is beautiful Jose. I am glad I visited your page today.

  3. Your work is beautiful. I would like to purchase the green poncho pattern (in English).

    1. Thank you for liking my work Crochet Diva :)
      For the poncho in green I followed the free Elise pattern and calculated myself
      how to make a poncho with it. However, there is a South Bay poncho pattern. The only difference is that there are 7 DC's on the fan's instead of 5.
      I will publish this chart above, along the green poncho.
      ♥ José

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